Coping with Fear that May Come from Halloween Displays

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The autumn season is officially here and that means many families are starting to think about the fun and festivity of Halloween. Most stores have long cleared out their back-to-school items and are filling up the shelves with fall-themed décor to get you ready for the season as well as the holidays to come. It is not just multicolored leaves, harvest wreaths, and bales of hay that are appearing, however. In many stores, particularly those specifically geared toward arts and crafts ad home décor, shelves are brimming with Halloween items. While these are fun and exciting for those who eagerly anticipating the cooler temperatures, beautiful scenery, and spooky fun of the autumn season, these displays can be disturbing and even frightening for an aging adult who is dealing with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia.

Seniors who are progressing through Alzheimer’s disease often have difficulty making sense of the world around them. Their confusion, memory loss, and other forms of cognitive decline can make it so that they are less able to truly understand the difference between reality and fantasy, making even mild decorations unnerving for them. Addressing these fears and helping your parent to cope with them can reduce anxiety and negative behaviors when shopping, and can even get your parent excited for the rest of the autumn season, even Halloween.


Use these tips to help your parent cope with fear that may come from Halloween displays:

  • Avoid them. Though it will be much more difficult for you to do so as the holiday draws closer, in these early days of the displays do the best that you can to avoid getting near these displays. Be vigilant when you go into stores, or only visit stores that are likely to have these large displays when your loved one is not with you.
  • Explain them. Do not just try to brush off the existence of the displays or the fear that your aging parent is feeling related to them. This can make the situation worse. Instead, explain why they are out and what the decorations are. Tell them how far away Halloween is and talk about how people prepare for the holiday. Remember that your parent might not relate these decorations to a holiday at all, and depending on their stage of the disease may not even remember what Halloween is, so you may need to give extensive detail to ease their worries.
  • Get them excited. Try easing your parent’s fear by turning it around into excitement. Talk about the traditions that your family enjoys and share memories from past Halloweens. Make plans and get your parent looking forward to the holiday rather than fearing it.


Elderly care can be a meaningful choice for an elderly adult who is coping with the challenges of Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia. An elderly home care services provider can create a customized approach to care and support that takes into consideration not just the needs and challenges that your parent is dealing with now, but also those that will arise during the course of their progression with the disease. This can give your parent greater confidence as they move through the disease to remain active and engaged, and to maintain as much independence as possible. This care provider can also be a valuable source of emotional support that can help your aging parent cope with issues such as fear, anxiety, and confusion when encountering strange or unfamiliar situations.


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