What You Can Do to Help Reduce the Chances of Infection for Your Aging Parent

Elderly Care in Goodyear AZ

Elderly adults have immune systems that tend to be lower than those of younger people. This means that your aging parent is more vulnerable to contracting an infection and will have a more difficult time fighting off that infection if they do develop one. If they do develop an infection their immune system will be even further compromised, putting them at more risk of further infection and illness that could threaten their health and even their life. As a caregiver it is crucial that you take the proper steps to minimize this risk and guard your aging loved one from infection so that they are able to live a healthier, safer life throughout their later years.


Some things that you can do to reduce the chances of infection for your aging parent include:

  • Create an effective germ control approach. Germ control is something that impacts all areas of your aging parent’s life. This should include avoiding contact with germs while they are in the home as well as when they are out. Part of this germ control approach will be bringing supplies along with you when you are out to fight germs that are especially prevalent at this time of year. These supplies can include antibacterial hand gel, surface cleaning wipes, and tissues
  • Keep the home clean. Potentially dangerous germs can live on hard surfaces for as much as 48 hours. This means that it is crucial your parent keeps their home clean to combat these germs. Consider removing items that might host further germs, such as excessive knick-knacks
  • Address health concerns promptly. One of the most serious infection risks that an elderly adult faces is the possibility of pneumonia. This lung infection can be very severe and potentially lead to fatal consequences. Pneumonia develops from other infections and illnesses, which means that if your aging parent is suffering from a respiratory infection, cold, flu, or other similar condition, it is absolutely vital that you address that concern promptly and effectively. Get in touch with their doctor to get recommendations for how to help your parent get through this health issue in the way that will best protect their health and prevent this severe infection.


Starting elderly care can be one of the best decisions that you can make for your aging parent as they age. The personalized services of an elderly home care services provider are tailored to your individual parent’s specific needs, challenges, limitations, and symptoms to help ensure that they get everything that they need at all times. This means that they are able to live a safe, healthy, active, and fulfilling quality of life while maintaining more independence. When it comes to helping your parent to avoid infection, this care provider can be valuable in assisting them with creating a germ control approach, implementing and maintaining this approach, and making healthy lifestyle choices that are designed specifically to prevent infection and keep your parent stronger so that they are able to fight an infection if it does occur.


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