4 Reminders that Family Caregivers Sometimes Need to Hear

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Being a family caregiver is hard work and sometimes caregivers are harder on themselves than anyone around them is. If you’ve been too hard on yourself recently, you may need one or more of these reminders.

Self-care Is Not Optional

If you’re concerned that taking care of yourself can sometimes make you seem selfish, you’re not alone. Too many family caregivers think that being a caregiver means that they must focus all of their time and attention on their elderly loved one. While this is admirable to an extent, it’s not reasonable at all. If you’re not taking care of yourself, you’re going to be unable to take care of your elderly loved one sooner or later. Self-care isn’t something that you can just ignore.

You Need Help Now and Again

Another common misconception that family caregivers find themselves believing is that they can handle everything on their own. This doesn’t have to be the case and, in truth, it shouldn’t be the case at all. Everyone needs help every now and then, even the best family caregiver. You may need someone to take your elderly loved one to the doctor or you might need someone to pick up eggs at the store. No matter what it is, let people help you.

Your Feelings Aren’t Bad or Good, They Just Are

It’s tempting sometimes to assign a value to emotions. Some of them are considered bad while others are good. And when you’re feeling one of the emotions labeled as bad, that can be a source of additional guilt or shame. The truth is that you’re going to have certain feelings now and again. Assigning value to those feelings gives them more power than they should rightly have. Give yourself permission to feel your emotions and then let them go.

You Deserve Time Away

If you’re one of those caregivers who believes that you have to be on duty all day, every day, you’re probably also worn out. As a human being who has your own life, your own interests, and your own needs, you absolutely need to have some time away from being a family caregiver. Don’t allow yourself or anyone else to punish you for taking that time.

Being a family caregiver isn’t about depriving yourself or causing yourself harm. It’s about providing loving care to your elderly loved one for as long as possible.


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