Communicating with and Caring for Someone with Dementia

Senior Care in Sun City West AZ: Dementia can cause a number of health problems to occur in the older adult. As it progresses, it could cause the senior’s speech to become delayed and an increase in memory loss.

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Do You Need to Talk to Your Boss About Your Care for Your Parent?

Caregiver in Buckeye AZ: Taking on the role of being a family caregiver for your aging parent is a major change. You are not just agreeing to make sure that their needs are met or to support them in their decision to age in place.

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Do You Feel Like Your Friendships Are Drifting Away?

Home Care in Scottsdale AZ: Keeping up with your friends can seem like way too much work when you're a family caregiver. To some extent, you may be right, but you need all the friends and the support that you can maintain.

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What You Can Do to Help Reduce the Chances of Infection for Your Aging Parent

Elderly Care in Goodyear AZ: Elderly adults have immune systems that tend to be lower than those of younger people. This means that your aging parent is more vulnerable to contracting an infection and will have a more difficult time fighting off that infection if they do develop one.

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What Should an Elder Care Provider Know About Your Aging Parent?

Elder Care in Glendale AZ: As a family caregiver you are always trying to find ways to ensure that you are giving your elderly loved one the level of care, support, and encouragement that they need to live the highest quality of care possible.

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Ensuring Your Home Has Everything It Needs If Your Parent is Transitioning Into Living With You

Senior Care in Peoria AZ: As a family caregiver one of the most challenging decisions that you will make in the course of your care journey is whether it is time for your parent to transition into living in your home with you and your family.

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4 Reminders that Family Caregivers Sometimes Need to Hear

Caregiver in Goodyear AZ: Whether you're new to being a family caregiver or you've been a caregiver for many years, you might need some of these reminders.

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Heart Valve Disease and Seniors – Causes, Symptoms, and Risks

Home Care in Avondale AZ: Heart valve disease is a common health problem among seniors. This condition occurs when all four heart valves are stenotic, or hardened.

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Coping with Fear that May Come from Halloween Displays

Elderly Care in Sun City AZ: The autumn season is officially here and that means many families are starting to think about the fun and festivity of Halloween.

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Helping Your Elderly Loved One Cope with a Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Senior Care in Sun City West AZ: October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. If your aging parent has recently received a diagnosis of breast cancer, part of your responsibility as a family caregiver is to help them to cope with this diagnosis so that they are able to move forward in their life in the best way possible.

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